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Marshall 100 watt JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead tube amp with two 4x12" cabinets

The ultimate in tone and versatility. I like to use this config for the big shows or getting the sound off the floor at normal gigs.

Marshall 25/50 watt
tube amplifier 25 Year Anniversary Series

The amp I use for practice and small clubs.  Plenty of power that can be switched between 25 and a 50 watt amp.   Has clear and distortion channels.

Marshall 100 watt
JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead
tube amplifier
with one-way 4 x 12" Cabinet

This amp is my workhorse.  100 watt Marshall head with a "4 x 12" Celestion speaker cabinet.  Good for medium size shows or when you need the TSL's three amp versatility.



  Marshall 50 watt
  AS50D Combo
  acoustic guitar amplifier
  with 2 x 8" speakers

  The amp is great to use as a   
  monitor for playing 
  acoustic guitar through a P.A. system or it just sounds
  great by itself for small clubs.  You can crank it and it
  never distorts.

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