Mike Phillips

Guitar Nine Records.
My originals are promoted by these guys.  Thanks for all the great A&R work!


Music from the 1980's and beyond!
  The David Cobourn
  Band. Great friends that
  definitely know how to  rock!  
  Another Mike Phillips  and he plays guitar,  yikes!  There's room  for both of us, check'm out

  A true rock bassist
  and bandmate.  Las Vegas baby! 

Damage Control. A great cover band from DelCo.

Popular Sound Productions. Mike's superb sound system for the big shows:

  From NYC, jazz trumpet and recording
 artist, WinstonByrd.
   Beg To Differ.   Rock 
   band from Philly.
  Al Boo's Pro sound.  Check out Al for your next gig.
   Delaware Ave.   Philadelphia, PA 
Better Off Dead. Delaware covers.

Out On The Town
on-line magazine.

SLANT6A good fill-in band while it lasted...


 R.A.L. Entertainment.

 R.A.L. Entertainment

   Keith plays and
  records acoustic
  rock around
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